Pokie Games Possible for Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track



Government leaders from Bonita Springs, Florida are traveling to the state capitol in Tallahassee to try and convince legislators there to allow pokie games at the popular Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track. There has not been much progress made in advancing the idea since talks about the topic were first launched in 2012. Some say that promises made by Florida’s former Governor, Charlie Christ, has caused years of delay. But Bonita Spring officials are hopeful that current Governor Rick Scott will support their cause and successfully negotiate the right deal with the Seminole Indian Tribe. The Seminoles by Florida law currently hold all rights to pokie game play within the state.

But the economic stakes are high when it comes to introducing pokie games at the Greyhound Track, a major tourist attraction that features greyhound racing, poker, horse wagering and a year-round calendar of special events. The City of Bonita Springs would be in line to receive a revenue of as much as one million dollars the first year that pokie play is in place, with annual revenues expected to exceed that amount in subsequent years. Many visitors to the Track complain that it is the only major entertainment venue on Florida’s west coast that doesn’t offer pokies. If Governor Scott is successful at brokering a deal to bring pokies to the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track, in addition to much needed revenue for city coffers, it would also bring an estimated 500 additional jobs into Lee County.

Although discussions began two years ago, progress on the issue has been agonizingly slow. But the City Manager of Bonita Springs and his colleagues say they have no intention of giving up. They are frustrated that quicker action hasn’t resulted from talks that began initially in 2012, but since government factions are involved, it’s little wonder that it is taking as long as it is. But officials are hopeful that a yes decision on introducing pokie games to the entertainment line-up at the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track could come about within 12 months time. Gamblers at the Track who are regular visitors are keeping their fingers crossed and betting that Bonita Spring officials have luck on their side when a final decision regarding the introduction of pokies is made.

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Catch The Bunny Syndicates


Catch The Bunny Syndicates aims to bring people together through greyhound syndications all over Australia. Our aim is to syndicate dogs in all states giving all members of Catch The Bunny the chance to live out their dream of being a race winning owner.

If you have ever wanted to own a greyhound but thought it would be too expensive then this is the site for you. Syndication groups run through Catch The Bunny can have as little as 5 members all the way up to 18 members. You will be able to purchase share values ranging from 5% all the way up to 20%.

Our main syndication avenue will be the purchasing of pups. Nothing is guaranteed in greyhound racing and not all pups make it to the track but when a pup is bought you have all the optimism that “MAYBE, JUST MAYBE” yours will be “THE ONE”. There is the enjoyment of seeing the pup grow and develop as well as being broken in and trialled.

Catch The Bunny will also syndicate a select group of racing greyhounds too. With help from selected, well respected trainers we will buy dogs that have had races and have scope for improvement. This way the syndicate members already know they will get to see their greyhound race and with a great trainer behind the scenes the dog should win its fair share of races.

Catch The Bunny Syndicates will keep syndications up to speed on their greyhounds with regular reports from breeders and trainers as well as regular photos.

Syndications are all about meeting people and having fun. There will be selected event days organised for syndicate members including days at the races. We also recommend that if possible you go to see your pup as they are growing up so you feel more involved. We have added some great features to the site which will make it more interactive for our members. To access these features just REGISTER as a Catch The Bunny Syndicates member. SIGN UP is FREE and once you have signed up you can get to know fellow members in the FORUM area. There are also POLLS and COMPETITIONS on the Catch The Bunny site for you to take advantage of.


So take the plunge and GET ON THAT BUNNY!!!

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