The History of Greyhound Racing

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Greyhound racing history has its roots deep in ancient history. A discovery of painting and a plethora of Murals predating four millennia are a true testament that a dog bred for its speed is as old as mankind is. Right from the ages of our ancestors (given the evidence by paintings) the greyhound was originally a hunting dog and held in high esteem. Moreover, Pharaohs rated these racing dogs first of all animals and their slaves.


History reveals that ancient Egyptians admired the greyhound’s speed and physical attributes, making it the only animal permitted to ride on camels and share their tents. In the ancient Arabic culture, the birth of a racing dog was crucial coming second only to the birth of a son.


Records show that the Greyhound made its debut in England some 3500 years ago. The era of Queen Elizabeth 1 saw her initiate the first formal rules of greyhound coursing. The rules we set in the 16th century and dog racing was introduced to the public as “The Sport of Queens”.


The late 1800s is when the immigration to America was rife, and the Greyhound also found its way to the New World. Soon after Greyhound coursing events followed. But as we know today Greyhound racing began in 1912.


1912 is the year that Owen Patrick Smith developed/invented the mechanical lure. Owen’s invention preceded the creation of a circular track. The first ever circular path began operations in 1919 in Emeryville California.

The Popularity of Dog Racing In Australia

Australians love Greyhound racing as a sport. Moreover we are a people that love to gamble. Our love for this game has seen the number of racing events increasing annually. There are now over forty-thousand races, three-hundred, thousand dogs running on tracks across the Australian continent every year.


The free bet and free bet offers now wager a staggering $4 billion annually on Greyhound racing. In essence the prize money has skyrocketed and now the sport is currently riding a wave of renewed popularity.


Australian Greyhound racing game has a busy calendar. The game is so popular in Aussie that there are literary meetings to structure the number of groups and race events that will take place at different seasons.


Side note: One of the reasons why Greyhound racing is so big in Australia is the fact that the payouts are quicker when related to other similar sports such as Horse Racing and Harness Racing.

The Gambling That Goes On In This Event

As you might expect greyhound race betting has its loyal following that is getting bigger by every match. Bookies offering  free bets are alike to horse racing. Free bet offers are designed to attract new punters as there is less risk involved when wagering money. Below we take you through a few types of betting offers:


Win Betting: An essential and popular bet. The perfect beginners’ chance offer. The bet is placed on which dog wins in a given race.


Place Betting: bettors’ place bets on a single dog either on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions. The betting odds are shorter than the odds of those that bet on the winning offer.


Each Way Betting: The combination of a place bet and a win bet. The combination also pays as two bets. Case in point; if your select dog wins the race; you gain from the win and place dividend. However, if your selection only places, you collect winnings from the place bet alone.


Quinella: The event is a selection of two dogs that will finish in the 1st and 2nd positions in a race in whichever order. A box Quinella, on the other hand, is an option where two dogs can be selected in a race. The rule is, however, active as long as the two dogs occupy the two top positions in the race.




Greyhound racing in Australia is a sport that has gained a lot of traction. People love seeing dogs bred for racing outdo each other on the track. People are also enthusiastic about the game because it’s a betting sport where they stand to make money when they make the right bet!


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The Sport And Lifestyle of Grey Hound Racing

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There are many sports that provide great competition, excitement, and thrills. This includes individual sports and team sports. The very nature of sports gives people a chance to enjoy sports on a regular basis. Even though there are various sports all year round, people tend to have certain sports that they enjoy better than others. There are certain sports that have great mass public appeal that covers all ages and demographics such as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. However, some sports tend to have more of a small public following but these followings are generally very loyal in their support.

Greyhound Racing

One sport that usually goes under the radar but has a loyal following is greyhound racing. In general greyhound racing is an organized industry that is very competitive that uses greyhound dogs as the core element of the sport. The greyhounds race around a track at optimum speed to determine the race winner. Moreover, there are two types of greyhound racing, track racing and coursing. Typically track racing is ran around an oval track, and the dogs are encouraged to run around the track by using an artificial lure to cross the finish line. Coursing uses a live lure such as a rabbit to encourage the dogs to cross the finish line.

Public Gambling on Greyhound Racing

The sport of greyhound racing is popular in many countries. In some countries greyhound racing is done mainly for fun and entertainment. However, in other countries such as Australia, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States, greyhound racing is a part of a gambling industry that provides betting odds and handicap odds for the races. The betting odds and handicap odds give the general public the opportunity to place wagers on the races through an organized gambling system.

The opportunity to place bets on greyhound races gives an additional level of excitement to the races. This excitement helps to increase the attention placed on the races while providing more exposure to the greyhound racing sport. The level of competition among greyhound races has been constant for many years. One of reasons is because greyhound racing has a loyal following that enjoys the competition that the races offer along with the excitement created by the bets placed on the races.

Greyhound Dogs After Racing

One of the primary concerns for many people regarding greyhound racing are the dogs. Many people have concerns related to the well being of the dogs during the dogs racing time and also once the dogs no longer are used for racing. As a result, many people and organizations have worked hard to provide greyhound dogs with a good life after racing. This is done in a variety of ways such as providing medical care, providing adoption assistance, preventing dog doping, and other services that help to protect the dogs after the dogs stop racing.


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Playing the Greyhounds – A Useful Guide for Beginners

Australian punters enjoy wagering on four-legged beasts. Of course, this is not in reference to horses alone. In fact, Australians are big fans of greyhound racing. For beginners who have never had the pleasure of attending greyhound dog races at one of the better tracks in Australia, it is for certain an exciting and enjoyable experience.

About the Dogs
Greyhounds as a breed were designed for speed. In open spaces greyhounds can reach up to 85 kilometers per hour. On the race track, they can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers an hour within six short steps from the starting box and their agility allows them to negotiate tight turns without slowing down. Outside of the racetrack environment, greyhounds have a generally non-aggressive disposition and make for great pets, even after years of competitive racing.

Top Tracks In Australia
Throughout the country, there are greyhound racing facilities located in almost every major metropolitan area. The tracks range is status from “bush” tracks to the elite tracks, which offer high quality dog racing. Each province has its own governing body representing the greyhound racing industry. Some of the top tracks is Australia include (but not limited to) Angle Park (Adelaide), Wentworth Park (Sydney), Cannington Park (Perth), Albion Park in (Brisbane) and Sandown Park (Melbourne).

The Races
Each track is responsible for carding its own racing programs. Races are held during the day (matinees) and in the evening. Each card usually consists of 10-12 races ranging in distances of 320-366 meter for sprinters, 480-567 meters for standard racers and 613-823 meters for stayers. The purses are reflective of the grading assigned for each race, ranging from a low rating of A9 to a high rating of “open class” for the best dogs in training. These open races include graded handicap stakes races that form the feature events offered at the very best venues.

Betting the races
Most races have anywhere from 6-8 entrants. Wagers may be placed at the live track or with many of the top online sports books that are available to punters. Each track offers a comprehensive wagering menu that usually includes the following

  • Win – Your dog must win the race
  • Place – Your dog must finish in the top two
  • Each-Way – combined win/place in one bet
  • Quinella – You must pick the top two finishers in any order
  • Exacta – You must pick the top two finishers in the exact correct order
  • Trifecta – You must choose the top three finishers in the exact correct order
  • Doubles – you must select the winners of two consecutive races
  • Trebles – You must select the winners of three consecutive races
  • Quadrella – You must select the winners of four consecutive races

There are usually two forms of wagering offered. Parimutuel (Tote) wagering where all money is pooled and distributed to the winning tickets after certain takeouts, or fixed-odds wagering where the odds are set in stone between the bookmaker and the bettor.

Handicapping Dog Races
It takes years of hard work and practice in order to learn how effectively handicap dog races. For beginnings, each track offers for sale a form guide. Form Guides Australia provide wagering information and past performances to help players get a sense of what certain greyhounds are capable of doing. Through these form guides Australia, beginners can gain enough knowledge to play the greyhounds with some efficiency. If you are playing the dogs, you don’t want to do so without your form guide in hand.


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Pokie Games Possible for Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track



Government leaders from Bonita Springs, Florida are traveling to the state capitol in Tallahassee to try and convince legislators there to allow pokie games at the popular Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track. There has not been much progress made in advancing the idea since talks about the topic were first launched in 2012. Some say that promises made by Florida’s former Governor, Charlie Christ, has caused years of delay. But Bonita Spring officials are hopeful that current Governor Rick Scott will support their cause and successfully negotiate the right deal with the Seminole Indian Tribe. The Seminoles by Florida law currently hold all rights to pokie game play within the state.

But the economic stakes are high when it comes to introducing pokie games at the Greyhound Track, a major tourist attraction that features greyhound racing, poker, horse wagering and a year-round calendar of special events. The City of Bonita Springs would be in line to receive a revenue of as much as one million dollars the first year that pokie play is in place, with annual revenues expected to exceed that amount in subsequent years. Many visitors to the Track complain that it is the only major entertainment venue on Florida’s west coast that doesn’t offer pokies. If Governor Scott is successful at brokering a deal to bring pokies to the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track, in addition to much needed revenue for city coffers, it would also bring an estimated 500 additional jobs into Lee County.

Although discussions began two years ago, progress on the issue has been agonizingly slow. But the City Manager of Bonita Springs and his colleagues say they have no intention of giving up. They are frustrated that quicker action hasn’t resulted from talks that began initially in 2012, but since government factions are involved, it’s little wonder that it is taking as long as it is. But officials are hopeful that a yes decision on introducing pokie games to the entertainment line-up at the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track could come about within 12 months time. Gamblers at the Track who are regular visitors are keeping their fingers crossed and betting that Bonita Spring officials have luck on their side when a final decision regarding the introduction of pokies is made.

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Catch The Bunny Syndicates


Catch The Bunny Syndicates aims to bring people together through greyhound syndications all over Australia. Our aim is to syndicate dogs in all states giving all members of Catch The Bunny the chance to live out their dream of being a race winning owner.

If you have ever wanted to own a greyhound but thought it would be too expensive then this is the site for you. Syndication groups run through Catch The Bunny can have as little as 5 members all the way up to 18 members. You will be able to purchase share values ranging from 5% all the way up to 20%.

Our main syndication avenue will be the purchasing of pups. Nothing is guaranteed in greyhound racing and not all pups make it to the track but when a pup is bought you have all the optimism that “MAYBE, JUST MAYBE” yours will be “THE ONE”. There is the enjoyment of seeing the pup grow and develop as well as being broken in and trialled.

Catch The Bunny will also syndicate a select group of racing greyhounds too. With help from selected, well respected trainers we will buy dogs that have had races and have scope for improvement. This way the syndicate members already know they will get to see their greyhound race and with a great trainer behind the scenes the dog should win its fair share of races.

Catch The Bunny Syndicates will keep syndications up to speed on their greyhounds with regular reports from breeders and trainers as well as regular photos.

Syndications are all about meeting people and having fun. There will be selected event days organised for syndicate members including days at the races. We also recommend that if possible you go to see your pup as they are growing up so you feel more involved. We have added some great features to the site which will make it more interactive for our members. To access these features just REGISTER as a Catch The Bunny Syndicates member. SIGN UP is FREE and once you have signed up you can get to know fellow members in the FORUM area. There are also POLLS and COMPETITIONS on the Catch The Bunny site for you to take advantage of.


So take the plunge and GET ON THAT BUNNY!!!

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